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Pure Mobility Wireless Solutions



Pure Mobility International is an international wireless communications provider whose strategy is to implement wireless services throughout niche markets and remote locations worldwide. Pure Mobility uses a combination of technologies that provides a Broadband wireless network to businesses, residents, tourists and service providers.

Through a next-generation Real Time Wireless IP (RTWIP) Core Network infrastructure and in joint venture partnerships with service providers, Pure Mobility International offers governments, corporations and individuals a range of BROABAND WIRELESS NETWORK solutions using state-of-the-art technology.

Pure Mobility International delivers wireless broadband Internet, Session Initiated Protocol (SIP) telephony, streaming Internet Protocol Television (IPTV), video on demand (VoD), offloading data from CDMA/GSM cellular networks to Wi-Fi, and wireless security.

Pure Mobility International's vision is to become a leading worldwide provider of broadband wireless services to remote and rural locations, thereby helping to eliminate the digital divide and enhance the socio-economic profile of the communities in which we operate.


Why choose Pure Mobility International?

Pure Mobility International seeks to help enhance the socio-economic profile of communities by providing their governments, corporations and consumers with next-generation Broadband Internet infrastructure (RTWIP-CORE), which is essential to create knowledge-based economies. By providing cost-effective and leading-edge wireless solutions, Pure Mobility aims to become an integral community partner. We work closely with governments and entrepreneurs to help them create and/or expand their local technology sectors, ultimately leading to greater local investment and the creation of knowledge-based jobs.