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Pure Mobility Wireless Solutions

Partner Overview

Pure Mobility International recognizes the value of partnerships and respects the role of the local service provider. In our business model, Pure Mobility International deploys the network while the partner takes care of the customers and services. In partnership with the local service provider, Pure Mobility International will help design and implement the network and applications required to help the partner successfully serve customer needs.

Working with Partners, Pure Mobility International can provide residents, tourists and institutions with:

  • Savings on TV, Video on Demand, Phone & Internet bundles.
  • Full Wireless coverage and Mobility
  • Improved IP services including:
    • Smart Phones, Tablets
    • VOIP/SIP Phones
    • Wi-Fi Devices
    • Security Systems
    • Broadband HDTV & VOD


What this means for Partners

  • Deliver services over one of the first deployments of cutting edge, Green Technology within region.
  • Opportunity to deploy IP Services within and beyond the region, thereby extending reach without the additional capital investment on a wireless or fiber infrastructure.
  • Reduce or eliminate business operating costs
  • Attract new businesses by offering a broad portfolio of higher quality services over a larger service area
  • A broad portfolio of services for both residents and tourists
  • Service bundling
  • Increased Revenue; by offering a greater number of services to a greater number of customers, all at lower costs.