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What's in it for our Partners?

The Pure Mobility International Partnership Program provides many different ways to drive your business growth, differentiation and profitability to succeed in today's market.

Our partner programs can be split into two separate channel programs, namely:

Resale Channel Program (RCP):

By participating as a Resale Partner, you can gain complete access to our state-of-the-art Wireless Mesh Systems that will enable you to offer your customers solutions for seamless wireless connectivity at the highest technology level and reliability.

Our Resale Channel Program enables you to extend your capabilities to be a provider of broad integrated wireless networking solutions, highly specialized wireless solutions, or both—and rewards you for doing so.

Managed Services Channel Program (MCSP):

Our Managed Services Channel Program is meant to support partners who sell and deliver managed and cloud services over wireless networks.

As a Managed Service Partner, you can benefit high margins by providing your exceptional service support to the customers worldwide. You can also optimise your wireless managed services support process reducing costs and increasing customer loyalty.

In both our RCP and MCSP Partnership Programs, partners compete based on the value they add for the end customer.



Our Partnership Programs enable our partners to get easy access to our continuous product training programs, sales and marketing support as well as the aggressive incentive programs to help them maximize their revenue and profitability in the competitive wireless industry.

RCP Benefits:

As reseller/franchise for our RTWIP-Core Technology solutions, you can deliver our wireless mesh network services to your existing and new customers. With RCP, you can become better equipped to successfully deploy, operate, and optimize Pure Mobility International solutions, strengthen your customer relationships, and increase your profitability.

MCSP Benefits:

You can provide managed services to new and existing customers and get consistent, predictable global terms and discounts, financial rewards, marketing and sales assistance from us.

In addition, by creating a partnership with Pure Mobility International, you can:

  • Gain credibility: Capitalize on our technology and solutions that command recognition and respect in the marketplace.
  • Acquire credentials: Market your expertise as a competitive differentiator to customers.
  • Catch the momentum: Join the value-add partner program that is setting the pace in the industry.

Our partnership programs support a value-based go-to-market strategy where all partners are treated equally, with no special advantage based on total volume.



If you'd like to receive more detailed information about our Partnershi Program, please fill out the form and we'll get back to you as soon as possible.

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