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Pure Mobility Wireless Solutions

Technology Advantages

A next generation RTWIP-CORE (Real Time Wireless IP) and Broadband Infrastructure Mesh Wireless Network based on 802.11n multiple-in, multiple-out (MIMO) technology.

US Military Grade software encryption security.

Green technology, no digging and low power requirements (nodes can run on solar power).

Cost effective: 5% to 30% of wired networks installation. Approximately 1% of 4G costs. Return on investment (ROI) is realized in months versus years.

Rapid, self-healing network. 5 times faster than 4G technology: 500 Mbps versus 100 Mbps.

Operates on licensed and unlicensed bands (2.4/5.0 GHz frequencies).



Wireless Broadband IP services

Through our Network, we offer wireless broadband IP services to strategic MVNOs and partners.


Wireless Broadband Internet

Our wireless broadband data services allow residents, tourists and institutions to take advantage of our wireless networks to access the Internet at a very high speed.


DATA - CDMA/GSM cellular Networks Offloading

Cellular providers can now offload their data portion of their network to the Pure Mobility International Broadband Wireless Network. Without the need to invest in a 3G or 4G network upgrade, cellular providers can use reinvest profits on value-added services, thereby acquiring more customers and increasing revenue.


Wireless Voice – VOIP / SIP

Session Initiated Protocol (SIP) is a higher quality solution of voice over Wi-Fi. SIP services will allow clients to conduct voice or video conferences, distribute streaming media, and use instant messaging, among other communication outlets.

SIP phones offer a much cheaper way of communicating through voice devices than cellular, by up to one tenth of the cost.


IPTV and VoD services

We can offer high definition (HD) IPTV, video on demand (VoD) services to clients who are in Pure Mobility International's coverage. The HD IPTV signal is compressed (from 12 to 2 Mbps); it thus requires less bandwidth to deliver IPTV service over our Broadband Network.

Our IPTV offering will deliver subscriber television services in higher resolutions than standard TV offerings. This results in much better picture quality, making images clearer and enhancing their colors and overall realism.


Security and Monitoring

Security Systems

  • Public and Private IP Cameras
  • Personnel Tracking Devices
  • Wireless Data Backup
  • Fleet Logistics


Public Safety

Pure Mobility International can provide a Wireless and Mobile network to any Public Safety department such as Police, Fire fighters and Ambulances.

Police will be in a position to transfer information on stolen cars and crime suspects.

Hospitals will be in a position to transfer images and other important patient information very quickly, thus improving quality of patient care and potentially save more lives.


Hotels and Resorts

For a fraction of the cost, hotel customers can either use a Dual Mode GSM/WIFI cellular phone or a VOIP/SIP phone to communicate globally at the cost of a local call.

Customers can use high-speed Internet and hotel SIP phone services anywhere in the hotel covered area.

Customers can use our new VOD solution to view over thousands of movies delivered over the wireless network.

The network and associated services can be extended beyond the hotel area.


Wireless Hospital

Pure Mobility International has acquired expertise in the deployment of wireless hospital solutions. Working with medical and technology staff, Pure Mobility International can help create and implement a wireless business solution that will allow health professionals to provide a greater quality of care to patients. Services include telemedicine, secure file access, patient security and monitoring and medical record management, to name a few.