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Pure Mobility Wireless Solutions

Technology Benefits


With Pure Mobility International, there is no need to change your home or mobile phone number (based on availability). Your current phone number can be assigned to your wireless SIP phone, through number portability and technical configuration. You can use your wireless SIP phone anywhere that Pure Mobility has a network, all at the same price of setting up a SIP phone in your home. Using Pure Mobility's network, your SIP phone will provide you with the same services that you have through a regular land line or cellular phone, at a significantly lower cost. For customers who require mobility and flexibility, but at a reduced cost, this solution is ideal.

High-Speed Internet

Surf the internet wherever you want with no buffering, no delay and no wires.


Using SIP voice technology, the Pure Mobility International wireless mesh network allows for crystal clear voice communications with no delay or interference and at huge savings compared to cellular.

Streaming HDTV

Due to the network's ability to offer a huge broadband capacity, streaming high definition television, video and Video On Demand all becomes possible allowing you to watch what you want, when you want.

Green Technology

Pure Mobility International's wireless mesh network requires no digging, no laying cables or fiber. The nodes or antennas consume very little power and can even be powered by a solar cell. This makes the network one of the most environmentally friendly systems of its kind.