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RTWIP-CORE (Real Time Wireless IP), the Service of today & the future

Real Time Mobile IP (RTWIP) network systems consist of two different wireless levels:

(1) IP (Core) Node Base Station (NBS) access network supporting wireless backhaul, and

(2) The IP (Core)/Ethernet routing radio backbone.

RTWIP-CORE technology delivers infrastructure that enables the first anywhere, anytime, IP (Core) wireless-mobile broadband network. This network solution provides unparalleled benefits to the operator including:

  • Citywide services coverage
  • IP streams multiplay, HDTV, SIP, Data, VoD, PPV, Karaoke
  • Public Safety and Home Security
  • SIP transparent by default network
  • All-IP network, enables all IP based services
  • NLOS and freedom of movement
  • The lowest total cost of ownership
  • Rapid network deployment


Network Features